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Clinical Herbalism - Plant Medicine
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Meet Alexis

Integrative Health & Plant Medicine

Alexis Coffey is a Clinical Herbalist and the Program Director of Therapeutic Herbal Medicine programs at the Institute of Traditional Medicine. Alexis holds professional membership with the Ontario Herbalist Association (OHA), and is a student of Ayurveda Medicine. Alexis holds a clinical practice in Toronto, ON, which focuses on bringing plant medicine, natural health practices, lifestyle and nutritional guidance to her clients, to support them through both chronic and acute health conditions.

Alexis practices by incorporating the full spectrum of health - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Areas of focus include women's health, fertility, respiratory health (asthma, smoking cessation, acute & chronic infections) digestive disorders (GERD, Crohn's & colitis, IBS, food allergies, etc.), detoxification and cleansing, stress, anxiety, depression, burnout... to name a few! Through personal experience of pregnancy, birthing, postpartum, and early childhood rearing, the female childbearing years and children's health are an ever growing area of her clinical practice.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Herbal Medicine?

It can help with

Tropical Leaves

GERD -IBS - Crohn's - Colitis, Diverticulitis - Leaky Gut 

Heart Health

High / Low Blood Pressure - Anemia - Poor Circulation - Congenital Heart Dis.


Cleansing Protocol - Reduce Excess Estrogen - Chronic Skin Complaints

Women's Health

Hormone Balance - PMS - Menopause - PCOS - Fertility - Pain & Discomfort

Mental Health

Anxiety - Depression - SAD - Brain Fog - Mental Fatigue - Memory Loss

Stress & Immunity

Chronic & Acute Stress - Immune Support - Resilience & Adaptability



"Alexis is one of the practitioners that deeply changed my life and empowered me to heal when others told me I’d have to live with my physical sickness. I am greatly in debt to her kindness and holistic care. I’m now healthy and so happy. So grateful I found her!"

— April (Toronto)



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